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A Rustic Fall Anniversary Shoot in California

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Here's to many more years of love and happiness for Mikko and Krystle.

Love isn't easy—but most things in life aren't meant to be. As they sit and reflect on their relationship, this couple can't help but feel grateful and full of love for one another.

We don't often do anniversary photoshoots, but we still love them all the same. Like most shoots, you'll learn a lot about a person by the way they carry themselves in front of a camera. We could certainly feel the deep respect this couple had for each other.

In their own words

Here's a glimpse into their love story in Mikko's own words.

"Krystle and I started as friends in college. I vividly remembered the first day I saw her and right then and there she caught my eye. Although it was not meant to be at that time, we became really good friends. We were in the same group and had a lot of great memories together.

Few years after college, a spark was developed and eventually we became a couple. To tell you honestly, its not hard being in a relationship with Krystle. Everything fitted like a glove. I believe that she really is my soulmate, cause loving her is the easiest thing that I ever do.

It has been 12 years since we became a couple, 10 years married, but it seems just like yesterday because of the beautiful memories that we shared and the happiness the we experienced. Marrying her was the best decision of my life!"

About the shoot

We focused heavily on neutral tones in this photoshoot. The location had a lot of free space and was surrounded by a lot of organic and wooden elements. We wanted to highlight how the fall season has transformed the area.

Crushed leaves, empty branches, and a sprawling landscape with immaculate natural lighting. This shoot is an homage to their anniversary as much as it is to Visalis, California.

We chose to do dynamic shots of the couple walking together and some posed portraits to get some close-ups. We wanted to give off a youthful vibe to their shots, so we went for a more unplugged and casual shoot.

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